We learn to fear by learning what to fear” - Sara Ahmed (The Cultural Politics of Emotion)

Men have kind hearts when they are not afraid but they are afraid afraid afraid. I say afraid, but if I were to tell them so their kindness would turn to hate” - Gertrude Stein (The Mother Of Us All)

3 & 4 December // 20:00 // Acker Stadt Palast

Loud & Venomous is a live-played audiovisual installation, made of biodegradable tape and self made instruments, created by Marina Cyrino and performed by ICNISP.

By playing with stereotypes, Loud & Venomous aims to contribute to dismantle the fetishisation of strangers that serves to reinforce Western agency and identity construction at the expense of “strangers”, who are regarded as preexisting objects rather than subjects of knowledge. Loud & Venomous plays with imaginaries of dangerous-loud-flamboyant animals/strangers/foreigners, addresses themes as otherness and difference, engages with Sara Ahmed’s work “Strange Encounters”. The performance is, especially, a celebration of loud and venomous beings.

Concept, composition, audiovisual installation, costume and masks by Marina Cyrino

Performed by the Institute for Certified Nomadic Illicit Sonic Practices:
Marina Cyrino_ Amplified hybrid flute and audiovisual installation
Matthias Koole_ Guitar and audiovisual installation

Marcelo Schmittner_ Light and technical support

Created and performed in the context of the „Weltoffenes Berlin“ 2021 program. Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe