27. - 30. 04. 2022
Morphine Raum
Köpenicker Str. 147, Berlin
DOORS 19:30/ CONCERT:20:00

27.04............Pierre Bastien & Marina Cyrino
28.04...Vinyl -terror & -horror & Marina Cyrino
29.04..............Lisa Simpson & Marina Cyrino
30.04...........Electric Indigo & Marina Cyrino

Sina Ataeian Dena - 360° audiovisual

Plants Remember You if You Mess With Them Enough

“Plants Remember You if You Mess With Them Enough” is an interactive audiovisual installation created by Marina  Cyrino and constructed in collaboration with Rabih Beaini at Morphine Raum, Berlin.

It is a speculative fabulation around the sounds and memories of plants in interplay with humans and machines.

The kinetic installation is based on the natural acoustic sounds of dry tree leaves and on moving shadows. Motorized wheels touching different leaves generate different rhythmical and visual patterns. Plants scream and sing and beat.Tree branches and other materials were carefully collected by the artist in the city of Berlin and surrounding woods.

The installation will be presented at Morphine Raum in four evenings, in which Marina Cyrino will play the installation together with the audience. Each evening, a very special guest artist is invited to perform an experimental concert. Electric Indigo, Pierre Bastien, Vinyl -terror & -horror and Lisa Simpson will interact with the installation in their own way, bringing their singular qualities to the sonic and visual result.

The outcome is a hybrid artistic form that is simultaneously instrument, installation, performance and shared space that engages together specialized artists and the general public.

general public.

Plants have evolved between fifteen and twenty distinct senses, including analogues of our five: smell and taste (they sense and respond to chemicals in the air or on their bodies); sight (they react differently to various wavelengths of light as well as to shadow); touch (a vine or a root knows when it encounters a solid object), are some examples.

The title of this project comes from an article published in the New York Times by JoAnna Klein, which describes the experiment of Dr. Monica Gagliano and colleagues at the University of Florence. The researchers worked with the Mimosa pudica species, more commonly known as the “touch-me-not”, which curls up its leaves in response to physical stimulation. After repeated exposure with no major harm, the plants no longer recoiled. Even after a month left alone, the plants remembered actions which weren’t harmful and ignored them.

Plants remember you, if you mess with them enough.

Although it has been revealed in recent years that plants are capable of seeing, hearing, smelling and even remembering, they are still usually thought of as silent.

Plants do scream.

Gefördert vom Musikfonds e. V. mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen des Sonderprogramms Neustart Kultur