photo by k. laroche

>> marina cyrino (brazil) :: 
  < ... in-between tubes, flutes, air receptacles, and so on > 

>> marina cyrino (brasil) :: arte sonora imagética  ≈
  < ... entre tubos, flautas, receptáculos de ar, etc > af@gamentos


Marina Cyrino is a Brazilian flutist, sound artist and researcher currently based in Berlin. She works across the fields of improvisation, composition, instrument building and performative audio-visual installations. She is a member of the Brazilian experimental music label/production house Seminal Records. She holds a PhD in Music Performance and Interpretation from the University of Gothenburg.

Her flute playing is characterized by singular techniques developed through the use of inside amplification. She explores subtle transformations of the air streams inside the flute’s tube and inside the flutist’s oral cavity, creating a constant kaleidoscopic movement of air-sounds shaped through unvoiced consonants, vowels and plosive sounds. The rhythmic use of the flute, the extensive use of objects and balloons attached to the instrument, and the use of disassembled flute parts are other striking elements of her playing.

One of her main performative strategies is to play with flute stereotypes, revisiting and re(hear)sing Western flutist figures. By removing these figures from their original context and performing them in relation to the construction of Western modes of thinking, she experiment with playing-the-flute/ performing-the-flutist as a method for dismantling the different economies of an ‘universal’ narrative that imposes Western thinking as center of knowledges, languages and imaginations.

Marina Cyrino (Brasil) transita entre improvisação, composição e interpretação, tendo como foco de sua prática musical a mistura e o experimento: o possível (res)soar do corpo-músico atravessado por imagens, objetos, elementos cênicos, palavra, escuro, movimento. Formada em música no Brasil e na Suécia, é doutora em performance musical pela Universidade de Gotemburgo.