Esta Rainha        
            That Queen

(2019 - 2021)
created and performed by Marina Cyrino
One day a fly appeared in between the double glass of my window. I have no idea how she got in. Or when/if she got out. Unable to set the fly free, for days I followed her life. And perhaps she followed mine. This piece is the result of this uncanny encounter.

"Around us, everything is writing, that’s what we must finally perceive, everything is writing. The fly on the wall, she, she writes; there is much that she wrote in the light of the large room, refracted by the pond. The fly’s writing could fill an entire page. And so she would be writing. From the moment that it could be, she already is writing. One day, perhaps, in the centuries to come, one might read this writing; it, too, will be deciphered, translated. And the vastness of an illegible poem will unfurl across the sky.
One could also not write, forget a fly. Only watch her. See how she struggled in her turn, terrible and accounted for, in an unknown sky, made of nothing."

(Marguerite Duras - Écrire)

(flauta híbrida e vídeo :: Marina Cyrino)

[…] à nossa volta, tudo escreve, é isso que a gente deveria conseguir perceber, tudo escreve, a mosca, ela, ela escreve, sobre as paredes, ela escreveu bastante na luz da sala grande, refratada pela lagoa. Seria capaz de sustentar uma página inteira, a escrita da mosca . Então ela seria uma escrita. No momento em que ela poderia ser, ela já é uma escrita. Um dia, talvez, no correr dos séculos por vir, leríamos essa escrita, ela seria decifrada, ela também, e traduzida. E a imensidão de um poema ilegível se instauraria pelo céu.

(Marguerite Duras, Écrire  -  tradução livre :: Marina Cyrino)