we learn to fear by learing what to fear

We learn to fear by learning what to fear” -
“...feelings [such as fear, I add] become fetishes, qualities that seem
to reside in objects [such as darkness, I add] only through an
erasure of the history of their production and circulation”. Sara Ahmed (The Cultural Politics of Emotion)

Men have kind hearts when they are not afraid but they are afraid afraid afraid. I say afraid, but if I were to tell them so their kindness would turn to hate” - Gertrude Stein (The Mother Of Us All)

marina cyrino + jorge alcaide
2022 - at kulturtemplet - göteborg

Jorge Alcaide and I meet again at Kulturtemplet to create a new site specific performance as a continuation of SoproLuz (2016-2018). By playing with the hierarchies of our habits of perception, we will search for ways in which sound can de-obfuscate the complex practice of seeing within a “culture of light” - a wider characterisation of modern Western culture which assumes, privileges and constructs whiteness. We are interested in the entanglement of the fear of darkness, sound practices and technologies of lighting. By experimenting with different aspects of trust, and playing between comfort and discomfort,
Marina Cyrino and Jorge Alcaide invite the audience to go through different “stations”, moving in the dark space, in which they will approach their own relation with darkness and fears through different sound narratives.

Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe